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Private sessions


Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System ®

Private session IRL Stockholm, Sweden - 90 min 1200 SEK after dec 2022, now 600 SEK

This is a private in person session completely tailored after your current needs for healing of any emotional or physical pain. It can also be to change a habitual behavior pattern or way of being in your life, that does not serve you anymore. 

BBTRS is a powerful system for releasing body tension/ body armoring by using the "six elements:" breath, movement, sound, touch, and emotions and meditation, along with the three supporting principles of: felt sense (feeling your inner body), pendulation (alternation between states of expansion and contraction in the nervous system) and titration (how long and how intense you breathe for creating more or less charge in your body in the trauma release process.)


When deeply connected breathing is combined with spontaneous and natural movement, emotions can surface and be released consciously with both movement and sound which leads to deep relaxation and healing. The work starts at the core of the nervous system and then deepens into an open heart space.  


Before your first session it´s important that you answer my BBTRS client intake form.

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Online Meditation

Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System ® 

Private ONLINE session worldwide - 90 min
110 Euro

This is a private session completely tailored after your current needs for healing of any emotional or physical pain. It can also be to change a habitual behavior pattern or way of being in your life, that does not serve you anymore. 


Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS) is a powerful tool for releasing tension and blockages in your body, mind and soul using the six elements: Breath, movement, sound, touch (by instructions for self body work), emotional release and meditation along with the support of "Felt sense" / feeling your inner body and "Inner resources"/places in your body where you feel safe.

By using these elements with pendulation and titration we gently but powerfully heal and increase the resilience of your nervous system, gently melting your body armoring in a very safe space. BBTRS works great online!


Before your first session it´s important that you answer my BBTRS client intake form.

Download it here.
Fill in the form and email me a copy to Thank you!

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Online Meditation

Testimonials for Biodynamic Breathwork online

“I am super grateful for this! I felt safe and motivated to complete all sessions with Eva.


My intention was to stand more in my own power and energy, to be more of who I am externally, but it became clear to me during the sessions that I want to be who I am internally and accept the feelings I have and the sides of me that I came in contact with during the work that I was uncomfortable with. During the series, various pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place.


I will integrate this and it will help me continue to develop myself.


I have great confidence in Eva. She has a very wonderful energy and is an obvious authority - I feel confident in that. I felt free to say and do anything, did not have to pretend. It was very strong! Eva has a very accepting and encouraging way. It was performance-free.”

— Miriam 37, consultant, Stockholm,

after 8 private sessions online

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Free clarity call

30 min phone or zoom

Starting a healing path can sometimes feel intimidating. Book a free clarity call and we talk about your needs and see if we´re a good match for working together with Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release, Naprapathy or massage or Vedic Art painting. All are powerful paths to reconnect to your body, feel, heal and express your authentic self.


What I offer online is Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release system with instructions for self body work through zoom.


Schedule is in Central european time zone (C ET). Clarity call in english or swedish. No charge.

Convert your time zone here.

Naprapathy & Dry Needling

First visit 75 min, revisits 60 min
995 SEK

Naprapathy is defined as a system of specific examination, diagnostics, manual treatment and rehabilitation of pain and dysfunction in the neuromusculoskeletal system.


The therapy is aimed at restoring function through treatment of the connective tissue, muscle- and neural tissues within or surrounding the spine and other joints.

Naprapathic treatment consists of combinations of manual techniques for instance spinal manipulation and mobilization, neural mobilization and Naprapathic soft tissue techniques and when needed I can also use dry needling/ acupuncture needles in trigger points. 


The manual techniques are often combined with advice regarding physical activity and ergonomics as well as medical rehabilitation training in order to decrease pain and disability and increase work ability and quality of life.


As a Dr. of Naprapathy I am specialized in the diagnosis of structural and functional neuromusculoskeletal disorders, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with problems of such origin as well as to differentiate pain of other origin.

My special niche is working with neckpain, headache, jaw problems, shoulder- and backpain. I combine the bodywork with breathwork to heal the nervous system on a deep level.



Into the here and now - 45 min
599 SEK

Enjoy a massage in verbal silence that brings you back into the present moment and the feeling of your inner body. Depending on your needs the massage will be tactile or more firm and can also include acupressure if you´d like. I provide the space for your full relaxation and grounding with my presence, touch, music and warm oil with added essential aroma oils.

Courses and Classes

Vedic Art 

Tap into your vast creativity
with the 17 principles of Vedic Art
1 weekend 1200 SEK, 3 weekends 3300 SEK

Vedic Art is a teaching about life and the arts that claims that all knowledge needed to create art is already present inside of you.


Following the 17 Vedic Art principles will help you to tap into this knowledge inside and create strait from your heart and expand your consciousness.


The Swedish artist Kurt Källman created Vedic Art 1988 inspired by his time with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India. You can read more about the method here. 

One full basic course vedic art painting with me consists of 3 weekends during one semester. You can chose how many you´d like to attend. No previous knowledge is requiered. You bring your own material/ canva, paper, paints and pencils. 


Introduction masterclass Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release ®

Wednesdays 19.00 - 20.30, 90 min
199 SEK

BBTRS är ett kraftfullt men samtidigt varsamt och tryggt system för transformation av såväl fysisk som känslomässig smärta och invanda begränsande beteendemönster. 

I systemet kombineras de sex elementen; andning, rörelse, ljud, beröring, medveten emotionell release och meditation. För att säkerställa att arbetet sker på ett tryggt sätt som inte är överväldigande är huvudfokus att först känna en medveten närvaro i den egna kroppen (felt sense) och hitta trygga platser i kroppen (inre resurser) alt. yttre trygga resurser. Sedan i andningsarbetet är det av yttersta vikt att pendla mellan en mer aktiverande andning och en mer lugnande och att successivt öka dosen av aktivering (titrering) allteftersom nervsystemet balanseras. 


När djup sammanhängande andning kombineras med spontana naturliga rörelser kan emotioner komma upp till ytan och medvetet frigöras från kroppen med både rörelse och spontana ljud - vilket ger djup avspänning och läkning. Arbetet startar i nervsystemet och djupnar vidare in i ett öppet hjärtcenter. 

Du kan komma vilken onsdag du vill eller så många onsdagar du vill, du bokar varje klass separat. Liten grupp max 12st deltagare. 


Wednesdays 18.00 - 18.45, 45 min
99 SEK

För dig som söker mer inre stillhet och vill öka din medvetna fokuserade närvaro i nuet.


Under den här klassen använder vi olika tekniker för meditation som Zen-meditation och olika OSHO meditationer för att hitta centrering och stillhet inom oss - bortom tankarna, i stillhet och tystnad. 

Liten grupp med max 12 deltagare.