Are you often feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or in pain? Would you like to feel more free, connected and present? I am here to support and assist you to heal your pain or trauma,  increase your tolerance to stress, and express more of your true and authentic self.

My special niche is working with highly sensitive women and men with stress-related physical and emotional pain. 


Unreleased stress, or emotional overload is held as a constant tension or blockage in your body. This can cause physical pain, make it difficult to stay in touch with your body, make it hard to be present in the here and now, and cut you off from enjoying the experience of having a free body and mind. 


Life can be very hard at times. It's common to feel alone with your pain and to feel overwhelmed or perhaps feel different (or even ashamed of being different.) The good news is that being in pain and feeling overwhelmed can be keys to healing and learning to open yourself up more. The work of healing past wounds takes courage and bravery, and motivation is needed. 


Being a highly sensitive person and a mother, I know from my own experience of healing complex post traumatic stress syndrome that by creating safety, connection and trust, your nervous system and the rest of your body can start to heal.


Like most people who have experienced significant trauma, I could not feel safe in my body or regulate my emotions very well, and it was challenging to stay present in the here and now. In order to avoid feeling overwhelming pain, I would frequently escape into my mind and try to control life. Identification with the stories I told myself and the resulting emotions, my body was filled with painful tensions.  


Biodynamic breath work and trauma release, meditation, gestalt therapy, and painting have helped me to become more connected to my body and to the observing presence inside.

Becoming a mother to a daughter in 2015 forced me to face and deal with my deeply buried emotional pain, projections, conditioning and generational trauma.


My passion and professional background

The body, pain and healing has always fascinated me. In 2009 I was licensed as a Dr. of Naprapathy after five years of study at the Scandinavian College of Naprapathic Manual Medicine. During the following decade,  I worked mostly with stress related pain in the head, neck, jaw, shoulder and back. 


My passion for working with the emotional, mental and energetic roots of physical pain has lead me to evolve into breath work, which is a wonderful and powerful method for healing pain and overwhelming feelings and emotions. Combined with physical bodywork it is even more potent.

In 2022 I will complete over 460 hours of BBTRS certification training. BBTRS practitioner training is considered to be the leading and most comprehensive there is, and it's been truly amazing!


As a certified Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS) practitioner and a decade of experience as a bodyworker / Dr. of Naprapathy, I teach integrated and powerful tools for you to:


  • Create a deeper and more compassionate relationship with your body, mind and spirit

  • Release physical blockages/ body armoring

  • Ease pain and overwhelming feelings and emotions

  • Restore your vitality

  • Better self-regulate your emotions

  • Feel more empowered

  • Feel more free to enjoy your body, yourself and your relationships more deeply

  • Increase your presence and creativity

  • Express more of your true self


I am also a certified Vedic Art painting teacher and offer in-person courses. Vedic Art helps you move beyond the limitations of your conditioning, and express your true self. Vedic Art can transform one's sense of living in chaos and expand your consciousness to a place of vast inner calmness where one can experience the pure joy of creating.


Keywords and phrases for me in my work are: active and empathic listening, receptivity, trust, intuition, freedom, joy, safe space and courage.



2001-2002 Social work and sociology, Stockholm University

2005-2009  Scandinavian college of Naprapathic Manual Medicine

2009-2010  Three months in St Göran hospital at the orthopedic acute and orthopedic surgery,

neurologist clinic and X-ray clinic and nine months in a Naprapathic clinic, Totalkropp

2010  Licenced Dr. of Naprapathy 

2010 Certified in Dry needling, Smertebehandling Knut Indahl

2010 Cerficied spinning/bike instructor, SAFE

2012 Sports medicine step 1, SFAIM

2012 Maternity health, Katarina Woxnerud

2014 Professional step 1, corrective functional training, STAC

2022 Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma release practitioner, BBTRI

2022 Certified teacher Vedic Art painting, Vedic Art Academy