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Meet Eva Elfström

Biodynamic breath work and trauma release practitioner,
Dr. of Naprapathy & Vedic art teacher
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Are you often feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or in pain? Would you like to feel more free, connected and present? I am here to support and assist you to heal your pain or trauma,  increase your tolerance to stress, and express more of your true and authentic self. ​ My special niche is working with highly sensitive women and men with stress-related physical and emotional pain. 

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Feel free to book a 30 min clarity call with me and we'll talk about your needs and decide if we're a good match! Schedule is in Central European time zone, CET. Convert to your time zone here. 

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"Faith is taking the first step

before you can see the whole staircase.”

- Martin Luther King

Testimonials for Biodynamic Breathwork online

“I am super grateful for this! I felt safe and motivated to complete all sessions with Eva.


My intention was to stand more in my own power and energy, to be more of who I am externally, but it became clear to me during the sessions that I want to be who I am internally and accept the feelings I have and the sides of me that I came in contact with during the work that I was uncomfortable with. During the series, various pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place.


I will integrate this and it will help me continue to develop myself.


I have great confidence in Eva. She has a very wonderful energy and is an obvious authority - I feel confident in that. I felt free to say and do anything, did not have to pretend. It was very strong! Eva has a very accepting and encouraging way. It was performance-free.”

— Miriam 37, consultant, Stockholm,

after 8 private sessions online

- Förnamn Efternamn

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Why Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma release System, BBTRS?

It may help you with

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Physical pain

Stress and overwhelm are held in your tissues - we armor our bodies unconsciously to cope - and these chronic tensions can create pain and deceases in the long run. The six elements of BBTRS is a recipe for letting your body release these deeply stored tensions and allow your body to come into harmony and healing homeostasis again. 

Emotional pain

The resilience of our nervous system - how much we are able to cope with before we are overwhelm and how fast we can come in to balance again- is due to how much trauma is stored in our system. With BBTRS you increase your resilience, emotional self regulation, and will be able to let go of and handle more emotional pain without the feeling of overwhelm by releasing blocked and long held emotions and enlarging your container/capacity for emotional charge while staying grounded and present in your body. 

Constant overwhelm, exhaustion and burn out

You can't drive forever with full gas and sometimes even with the break on at the same time (functional freeze). With BBTRS we rewire your nervous system to its natural way of homeostasis / healthy regulation and increase your resilience - increasing your container for how much intensity  you can take before overwhelm hits you. 

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Fear and anxiety

With feelings of fear and anxiety it can be difficult to self regulate and comfort yourself. BBTRS teaches you to use your own body as a resource, a place of comfort, a place to find calmness and safety by using your felt sense and different ways of breathing, but also how to use external resources actively.


With BBTRS we safely melt your body armoring.  With less body armoring there is more free flow of your own life force and creativity to be expressed. 

Purpose and pleasure

With less body armoring and more connection to your big mind/expanded consciousness your mind can become your servant instead of you being servant to your mind. When your mind is connected to your heart and your heart is connected to your pelvis, legs and the ground under your feet, the source of your love and life force you are able to hear your inner voice and know intuitively witch steps to take and will be open to feel and enjoy all the pleasures in life more fully. 

What is trauma?

Trauma is not about what happened to you, rather it's remaining effects on your nervous system and on your entire body. Our society is "trauma phobic;" no one wants to admit that they have experienced trauma unless something acute or severe has happened to them. But trauma is actually any emotional overload or stress that overrides our capacity to cope. It is an intense overload in our nervous system and in our entire body that hinders us from being fully present in the here and now and freely expressing who we are.


Your body remembers everything you've experienced since your time in the womb and reacts automatically to protect you as though the present moment was the same as a past experience. Living with un-healed trauma is like being stuck wearing the same clothes that fit you as a child - only now they restrict your body and your force you to live the present moment as thought it were the past.


We carry around so much tension in our bodies and we are often unaware of how much of our physical and emotional pain and diseases are related to the overload/stress/trauma stored in our bodies. By reconnecting with our bodies we allow ourselves to safely feel hidden pain; we open the door for transformative healing of our nervous system, immune system and whole body-heart-mind.


We all have personal trauma, collective trauma and generational trauma. We inherent trauma from past generations and pass it forward unconsciously - unless we become aware of it. Studies in epigenetics have shown how we can actually inherit the traumas of past generations through our genes.

What is Biodynamic Breathwork
& Trauma release system - BBTRS?

BBTRS is a powerful system for releasing body tension/ body armoring by using the "six elements:" breath, movement, sound, touch, and emotions and meditation, along with the three supporting principles of: felt sense (feeling your inner body), pendulation (alternation between states of expansion and contraction in the nervous system) and titration (how long and how intense you breathe for creating more or less charge in your body in the trauma release process.)


When deeply connected breathing is combined with spontaneous and natural movement, emotions can surface and be released consciously with both movement and sound which leads to deep relaxation and healing. The work starts at the core of the nervous system and then deepens into an open heart space.  

The six elements of BBTRS

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What is Vedic Art?

The word Vedic comes from the Sanskrit word Veda which means wisdom or knowledge. Vedic Art is a teaching about life and the arts that claims that all knowledge needed to create art is already present inside of you. Following the 17 Vedic Art principles will help you to tap into this knowledge inside and create strait from your heart and expand your consciousness. The Swedish artist Kurt Källman created Vedic Art 1988 inspired by his time with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India. You can read more about the method here. 

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